Monday, March 7, 2011

Biting the bullet and going for the gusto!

Hey gang! Welcome to Poppy's Playhouse. I am you host, Graciespoppy.

Damn, that sounds waaay too corny. Let me just simply say, welcome friends!

 I've been contemplating doing this for a little while. I want to contribute a little more to this horror genre community that I've immersed myself in. It's not much... I'm not a skilled writer, nor am I technically savy. Let's face it, my greatest skill is being a jackass, but you work with what you got. As to the content of this blog, for right now I will showcase the work of my friends who do this so much better that me to anyone who stumbles on to my little romper room.

I'm still working on my site's appearance and on the links. I'll be adding to it for some time to come. I'm also not going to keep to a schedule on posting. I'll drop a line here and there to when I post something new. I just want to give you guys a taste of what I'm doing. I welcome comments (and criticism), but I don't expect them.

Hey, crack open a beer and let's have some fun!


  1. I am really excited to see what you have coming up GP! If you need some contributers, I would love to write something for your new kickass site!

  2. It's About time... I'm looking forward to reading your post!


  3. Hey man,it's great to see you with your own blog,you have been a great help to me and many others out there,we'll support you all the way!
    Jonny t.

  4. Very excited for the blog, can't wait to check out future posts. I'll have a link on my blog right away and if you need anything please let me know! - McBastard

  5. I am here, let the partying begin! What? You didn't wait for me?

  6. Very nice...can't wait to read the juicy stuff.

  7. Great stuff, my man. Looks awesome so far!