Saturday, March 12, 2011

Serial What?

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Say, I'd like to introduce you to somebody. This old geezer right here is Charles Manson. Yeah, he's seen better days. It's been a while since I hung out with ole Charlie and, quite frankly, I thought I was done with him. However, I recently listened to my friends over at the Witch's Hat Podcast discuss serial killers and why are we fascinated by them. I must confess a certain fascination with them myself. What is it that makes a man into a monster? Was he raised this way, did something affect him growing up, or is it just that there a broken switch in his brain? How is this different from me? I've had my fair share of bad life experiences, but I don't go around swinging an axe at other people. Well, not on purpose anyway.

Manson is different. He's not a murderer, not in the traditional sense of the word. He is what was used to be called a twerp. A little guy, a petty criminal, only as big as the weapon he was carrying. He stole cars, forged checks and pimped out prostitutes. The most heinous act of his youth was that he sodomized another kid while holding a razor to his throat. He spent most of his young life in juvie centers and prisons.

He is also a master manipulator. He's charismatic, and despite a shoddy education, he is rather intelligent. His IQ was tested at a range from 109 to 120. That's high average to superior (I looked it up). Now, take this guy and hook him up with a bunch of unwashed hippies, throw in some drugs and all the sex you can handle, and he went from "twerp" to "David Koresh". He finally had power, such as it was. He convinced these flower children that the black man was going to rise up and go to war with the whites, and that the black man would win. He also convinced them that the black man was too dumb to be in charge of the world and would need Charlie and his family (who would hide somewhere in Death Vally until the whole race war thing blew over) to lead them. Wow. Racist hippees. Who knew?  Anyway, Charlie got tired of waiting, and decided that he'd have to show the black man how to get started, so he sent his children on a mission to ignite the race war.

This is the very abridged version. To get the whole story, definitely read Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi.

Well, I think I got Charlie out of my system. Again. Before I go, make sure you check out Root Rot, Misfitboy and Rock&Roll Ray on the Witch's Hat Horror Discussion  on serial killers.

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I'll let Charlie have the last word:


  1. And he's so right! I take great comfort in knowing my IQ is still higher than Charlie's.

  2. Yeah old Chuckles was one smart moron!?! Uh wait, that moron Chuckles was pretty smart....Never mind.. The point is that you make a great point by simple stating the facts... Ole Chuck made himself look as stupid as his crazy act with his warnings of a race war... I truly hate this "NOBODY" mother fucker, yet enjoyed your post! Keep them coming...

  3. Race war? Ah... I guess that makes sense. I always thought he was trying to start a LACE war. You know... where a bunch of hot ladies in lingerie go around smacking each others' butts with heart shaped pillows on the end of sticks... I guess a race war might make more sense... not much... but a little.

  4. Charlie is off his tits,always has been,he hung around with Brian Wilson off of them there beach boys,also off his tits and his lunatic follows,off their tits!
    Once saw a video"Charles Manson superstar"basically 1hr 30 mins of an interview with him,off his tits!
    Great article sir,
    keep it up!!!
    Jonny T.